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Bianca Gerald "Feelings"


Ladies and gentlemen meet Bianca Gerald!


Cynthia Brando "The Treehouse Trio Sessions"


Elements of Folk and a bit of Alternative!


Big Bus Dreams “Jesters of Xmas Town”


When complex ideas become less rigid and less weighty!


NORPHLET “Brand New” (Alternative Rock) Texas/California USA


When a song starts like an anthem ...


Faith & Harry “Just Be There” (Pop/Soul) UK/USA


An honest end of the summer track!


Little Mister “Our Days” (House Music) Sheffield, United Kingdom


Are you ready to get up and dance?  


Rick Pisano “It Comes and It Goes” (Blues/Rock) Boston, Massachusetts/USA


Singing about how love in all its radical forms come and goes like a river!


PJ “Kingpin” Wilson “Keep It Moving” (Soul/Hip-Hop) Canada


A wonderful fusion of Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop!


Dark Smoke Signal “The Big Stage” – Art Rock/SynthWave/SynthPop (Bristol)


His music truly does SIGNAL a time when music was MUSIC!


LJ Howard “Piece of Me” (Soul/R&B) Essex, UK


LJ Howard's music fits any individual's taste like a tailored suit!



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