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CuriousHour “Yield” – London, England (Rock / Soul)

Who’s bringing the noise?  CuriousHour, and they are etching a musical path that resonates so loud that it is recognized, embraced, and remembered. 

CuriousHour comes out of London and are quickly gaining attention from South England, the rest of the UK, Europe, and now the USA.  This smashing Rock Soul ensemble consists of Andy Grazebrook (Lead Guitar), Aaron McIntosh (Bass), Emily Grazebrook (Lead Vocals), and Waldemar Srankiewicz (Drums). 

But what makes them so special that you should direct your attention to this?  Well, these guys are bringing the noise in all its realness.  Not to mention, these guys have what mainstream music needs to go back to and what the listening audience is dying to hear again, and that is music that is roots-deep in genuineness, passion, personality, depth, and flavor.  

One such track that is a great example of this very observation is “Yield” off of the “Explore” album.  “Yield’s” storyline speaks of eternal love from the perspective of a lover who loves hard and real (no filters) in the classic way of turning tables and rearranging mountains to keep their lover by their side – all they need is love reciprocated.  That message alone is timeless. 

Featuring a laidback musical bottom with the bass and bass drum that equally supports the thrilling electric guitar riffs and licks, varied percussions, and heart throbbing vocals, this track will crawl on you and stay.  One dominant aspect of this track is the lead vocal tumbling off the lips of the front-woman Emily Grazebrook.  This girl is throwing Soul and she ain’t playing.  Emily is reawakening a style of vocalizing that was reborn with Tina Turner and that has been sleep since Nina Simone.  I was SO GLAD to hear this saucy vocal on this track.  She sings in high register except for her descending cadences with background adlibs that are equally spicy, salty, and sweet underneath. 

CuriousHour call their brand of music Rock and Soul and that is so suitable as it follows the classic skeletal system of Rock and Smoky Soul.  But the bonus of “Yield” is the little kiss of Blues and 1960s Funk and Folk – an ah-some eclectic track that will keep everyone engaged and interested.

CuriousHour has that “IT” factor that is going to make them a Billboard mainstay and that is difference, talent, and a revival of classically loved music that made babies, spun tales, and started marches – music that moves! 

To hear a sample of “Yield” go to the band’s page.  If you purchase the track, you will be able to hear the full effect of the cut.  Plus, make sure to keep up with the band by visiting their Twitter page. 




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