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Faith & Harry “My BFFs and Me” (Pop) UK

The sister/brother Pop duo known as Faith & Harry consists of Faith Rowan (13) and Harry Rowan (11) and they are like quiet storms in their niche of music.  The power and passion that is reflected in their music is a refreshing twist to Millennial Pop today that is normally filled with emotionless jibes and tales of clubs and fleeting moments.  Never shortchanging their fans, “My BFFs and Me” is their latest track written by Faith and it displays the duo’s strong suits of storylines, layers, and personality.  And, the driving element behind “My BFFs and Me” is that practical storytelling that made Taylor Swift a household name where the message is universal, and it does not get lost in the music.  

Alluding to a typical day in the life of a teen, “My BFFs and Me” contains a nice bounce to it that is a result of that heavy Pop/R&B bottom beat that keeps its momentum as the song ebbs.  The steady tempo of the instrumentation, including sustained guitars, tambourines, and keys, keeps the groove leveled.  Faith’s sweet soprano hugs the music tight but remains airy to evoke that euphoric feeling that is felt on a sunny day.  In short, it’s a lot of Pop and a little bit of New Wave and it works!  

This radio-friendly track is mainstream-worthy and a must hear.  And even though it is teen in spirit, it has a practical scenario that any age can relate to – it is about real people, real emotions, and real life. 

So, you see how Faith & Harry is not your Disney type of duo.  These two are more like MTV-worthy ARTISTS who just happen to be tweens/teens.  Just like the adult indie artists who pride themselves in mastering the music and the muse, so do these two.  So, do not underestimate the age, because the true artist formation is clear, and they are not playing.  As songwriters, musicians, and singers, the music of Faith & Harry has that “IT” factor, and that is melody, message, and experiences set to music. 


Faith & Harry are nominated for double Josie Music Awards (the largest indie music show in the world).  This takes place on September 8th, 2018 at Dollywood in Tennessee.  In addition, their music is not caged into one genre of music, it follows their muse and it lands into any genre or subgenre strong enough to hold it.  This makes Faith & Harry varied and interesting and gives them staying power. 

So, make sure to check out this track as well as their cover of “Happy Birthday” - a Post Punk vibe-vacious track that is sure to climb the charts.  

To hear more from the duo, go to:  www.faithandharry.com, and stay tuned as more music is in the making.



We're so proud to be holding hands with this dynamic duo to ROCK LUV and spread kindness! Faith and Harry are passionate musicians and advocates for kindness making the world a better place one tune at a time. We're honored to be on this journey with them.
I have listened to Faith and Harry since they started and watched them grow online. Their music is light. airy and very fun to listen to. They are very talented and they are destined to go far in the music industry.

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