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GJART: “Lost” (Tobi Remix) UK

Looking for a spark to get you stoked?  Well, I got something that is the most humane way to achieve a spark and it is a track called “Lost” by GJART.  But what will make this spark electrifying is the mix placed on this track from the Mixologist of Indie Music, Tobi – the same producer who laid a smokin remix to Juxta’s “The Beautiful Ones” February of this year. 

We are talking about Electro Glam Synth combined with Future Pop Synthwave.  Now, that is sure to pump electrolysis through your veins! 

The intro tip toes in, next the beat builds, and then it mutates into a progressive coherent piece of Alternative Synth Pop. 

So, put away your cell phones, iPods, iPads, and laptops (unless you use those devices to listen to music) and crank up this monster. 

It’s power – believe that! 

“Lost” releases tomorrow #NewMusicFriday 3/23/18!  Make sure to check it out!  And keep up with more news by following Tobi  and GJART on Twitter!


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