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Hans and Danise "Prologue"

A Contemporary Pop singer-songwriter duo from San Diego, California (USA) has just released a spell-bounding 3-track EP this July and it is already setting emotions on HIGH!  It is called “Prologue” and the artist’s name is Hans and Danise. 

What makes this EP so emotionally-charged is the storytelling that sits right between practicality and dreams – it is that magic little pill of music that heals all social, mental, or emotional wounds in just 3 takes. 

So, let’s jump right in and start with the opening track “Moments.” 

Moments” opens with a soft acoustic guitar strum and introduces Danise’s warm, soprano vocal that floats above the music supporting Hans’ raspy, classic, Rock vocal.  The song is about how true love can weather any moment within life’s unpredictable cycle, and how getting lost in your own private moment together affectionately makes the fireworks stay lit within a relationship.  With less instrumentation, the truly honest storyline and happy melody can be heard and accepted, while the inclusion of mellow backing vocals introduced midway into the hook adds some layers.  This song is reminiscent of the Bee Gees’ 1983 track “Islands in the Stream” sung by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton as it has that nice, smooth, infectious melody that rides the entire track and both artist’s identity shines through, but collaboratively, the singers have a rawness that gets across that ‘real love’ appeal.  In addition, the modern note-ending trills and the simplistic instrumentation makes for an airy, light-feeling, track.  This track can connect with anyone today who has ever been lost in the moment.

Hans starts off “Chase Me” - a chilled-out track about being that ride or die partner.  Danise wonderfully laces Hans’ Pop vocal and then takes the reins showing the softer side of the heart.  This track has the most bounce out of the three songs and features a sort of ebb and flow melody line that is highlighted by electric guitars and panned percussions.  In addition, the overall feeling of this track gives way to an adult-like nursery rhyme and it works.

The final track “Warfare and Aftermath” illustrates the bitter-sweet points of a relationship.   What is a great facet of this track is that while the storyline is about how the smallest fight can ignite into a war that leaves an aftermath where both mates are left picking up the pieces of the battle and their hearts, the hook shows how forgiveness is the only solution.  Wonderful writing brought to us by both Hans and Danise.  “Warfare and Aftermath” is a beautiful Soft-Rock/Pop ballad that encompasses all the elements that places songs like this atop the charts:  quiet power, passion, lyrics made of steel, an infectious hook, and a driven-piano that keeps the tempo of the entire track afloat.  Moreover, the vocal battling between the two artists forces both of their best vocal features to show and helps the track to excel – Danise starts the track low, Hans takes the track to another level of subtly, and then they both soar on to the outro.  It is honestly a beautiful, endearing, song that would be a great addition to mainstream radio.

From writing, to vocally recording, to instrumental orchestrating, to mastering, the entire project was produced by Hans and Danise – a pair within music that definitely keeps your attention.

They have that sort of John Lennon and Yoko Ono vibe with their true artistry and organic love of life all wrapped up in their look and aura.  This surely makes evident that their partnership in life fuels the partnership in music, which in turn makes such storylines and events so appealing, honest, and livable; but, it is the original, off-the-cuff, stylizations of their individual talents within this craft that makes this music so memorable – those melodies and hooks are splendid with Hans on the strings and Danise on the keys and their joint talents exploding in all directions to create “Prologue.”

So, there could not have been a better title for this 3-track EP as it is the introduction for more to come from this headlining duo.  Hans and Danise are blending elements that made music so great prior to the 1990s – that eclectic, real-world, ambiance fitted with modern reality, vocal trills, and harmonies.

It all feels natural!

“Prologue” is available for purchase at https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/hansanddanise.

And, make sure to keep up with Hans and Danise on their social media:







Thanks Hans and Danise for your kinds words. It was my pleasure to live w/ the music and interpret as such. The Indie Music realm is so full of talent that the world needs to focus more on, and I'd like to think that I contribute to shining a spotlight to make this happen. Thanks tremendously! Have to do this again.
You really know how to make artists feel special! Your review humbles us and flatters us so dearly as you beautifully interpreted our music just as we intended. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Kiki, an amazing blog, and we love what you do for musicians!

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