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James Bakian's "Unstoppable" (single)

James Bakian:  “Unstoppable”

We’ve heard of teen heartthrobs before, but when you have one that is already pushing the prowess of a singer, songwriter, musician, and semi-finalist of the UK Songwriting Contest 2016 from out of the gate, believe me, he is a force to be reckoned with and one to watch.  Fresh out of London England, James Bakian is busting bricks and breaking hearts with his melting vocals, Adam Levine-worthy looks, and killer beats.  Bakian’s talent speaks for itself on his latest single entitled “Unstoppable” a Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop fusion ballad about a love that is too powerful to stop.  The modern organic percussions, 808’s, and silky synths will get your heart fluttering.  The command on the beat accompanied by Bakian’s signature pouty tones and second tenor will make your listening experience UNSTOPPABLE!  “Unstoppable” drops today December 15th.  Go to www.jamesbakian.com/music to listen and download your copy today!  Follow James Bakian @JamesBakian.



Great song love this review and you have a great taste.

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