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Jenn DeSantis “Someone Else” – Pennsylvania (ROCK)

Have you ever loved so hard that you often get lost in the mix, so you had to let it go?  Well, Jenn DeSantis’ newest track “Someone Else” speaks on that reality.  The song’s concept illustrates how with love, many times it is the lessons learned while being in love that becomes the important factor, not so much the relationship.  Coming out on the other side of love knowing more and understanding the true YOU on both sides is what’s vital. 

DeSantis’ emotion-driven vocal register and expressive lightweight contralto voice delivers this message with passion.  The raw, yet refreshing, lyrics to this Rock ballad sing “Your eyes are beautiful without any makeup on / your hair is gorgeous when it is natural, so let it down / your lips, don’t think I never miss kissing them / my heart says to love, but it also says, ‘say goodbye’ / our love can’t continue / someone else will love you with a love better than mine.”  To love with no regrets is the best kind of love. 

A piano, some percussions, and violins set the stage for this wonderful, expressive, Rock track.  A great departure from the fluff of mainstream music where the emotion and message gets lost in the translation of FX, autotune, and digital manipulation.  It is ah-some to hear music in its purest form matching how pure love is without preservatives and fillers. 

If you enjoy music that has a real melody that naturally ebbs and flows to the rhythm of life’s ups and down, and if you vibe with lyrics that spell out emotions like they were written on a lost love letter that was found in a bottle, then “Someone Else” is your tune and Jenn DeSantis is your artist/musician.  So glad we have an artist in Indie Music that falls into the category of upfront warriors like India Arie, Erika Badu, Nora Jones, and Melissa Ethridge. 

Many in the Bushwick Brooklyn NY area can catch a glimpse of this Indie Music chanteuse as she will be performing at Rubulad on May 11th.  It is going to be lit, so RSVP for the address at  Rubulad@outlook.com.  And make sure to follow Jenn DeSantis on Twitter

The MTV / BETher worthy video illustrates the storyline wonderfully!


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