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Katie Ellen “Yours” Pop (UK)

“Yours” is the newest release by one of Indie Music’s favorite artists Katie Ellen.  Notable for her approachable melodies, honest lyrics, and subtle but strong Mezzo-Soprano vocals, Katie just keeps getting better and better.  She is like a diamond that keeps getting brighter and brighter while her musical presence, talent, and writing keeps up with her glow.  

The track starts with two piano chords that set the mood for a wonderfully crafted Pop ballad with lyrics describing unquestionable love and the sacrifices it takes to keep that love afloat.  

There is not much instrumentation in “Yours” but that is what makes it so tempting – it is that less is more technique that keeps us engaged and lets us see the personable approach of the artist. 

It is equally pleasant how the vocal melody and the music continuously progress in the same manner that emotions react when we fall in love – it is up, up, up, but slowly and mellow.  The harmony within the hook adds to the personality of this practical, honest, ballad.  And at the two minute and 12 seconds mark, there’s an added subdued vocal FX that is laid on the lead vocal that allows for a reflective moment like when a person sees themself in a mirror and the image pulls back – creatively, Katie has achieved that same effect with that one technique. 

Known within the Indie Music Country scene with hits like “Can’t We Just Be Friends,” Katie Ellen displays her varied writing style with “Yours” giving us a softly energized Pop soulful ballad that will be a great addition to any summer wedding track list. 

Moreover, “Yours” is a track like the ones that Adele tackles as it is a great platform to showcase the artist’s growth, stamina, and prowess.  And aren’t we glad that Katie Ellen has never lost the human touch factor when it comes to her music?  That is why we love her!  Katie Ellen is an artist that keeps the fans coming back for more. 

“Yours” was mixed and mastered by a producer whom I call “The Mixologist of Indie Music” (Toby Davis) and it is due to release on June 15th, so make sure to mark your calendars so you can download your copy.  




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