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Lorne's "Oil and Water" (single)

Lorne: “Oil and Water”

“We were oil and water lying side by side / we did everything we could trying to collide” are the words Lorne so smoothly croons on his second single set to ripple the waters of Pop music as we know it.  Just released on October 5th of this year, “Oil and Water” lyrically demonstrates how any relationship can turn into an impossibility and finally into an afterthought.  Not since Sting have we been graced with a mellow vocal set to an edgy house music beat.  From the quiet introduction, to the euphoric middle, to the quiet outro, this song has every element needed to compete and win-over Top 40 mainstream Pop music.  Hypnotic and on point, “Oil and Water” plays like champagne – a seductive prelude to Lorne’s upcoming music.  I cannot wait to hear more!  In the meantime, watch the video here:  https://youtu.be/o7lAA_55VhQ, feel free to download this single at https://lornemusic.bandcamp.com, or go to  https://open.spotify.com/artist/7C84FvYc2gkfT6e78i5oOS for streaming.  To keep up with the artist, go to http://lornemusic.com/ to view all of his social media platforms.  



Thanks for the kind words Remo - this means a lot coming from you.
Lovely review, I really do enjoy reading your reviews, however short and simple they are. You really have the knack of getting the message across in few but creative words.

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