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MoonDreams Music “Tropical Breeze” (Ambient Pop) USA

If ever there was a single that places life on “CHILL-Mode” for 2018, it would be “Tropical Breeze” by Folk-Rock artist MoonDreams Music.

Particularly for this single, award-winning singer/songwriter Susan Moss (aka MoonDreams Music) chose to dive into another genre to further expose her tremendous writing and music skills, not to mention her beautifully skilled voice.  So, this Ambient Pop track is nothing but superb. 

Once you listen to this Modern cut, you will quickly hear the layers upon layers of instrumentation and you will be caught in MoonDreams Music’s net. 

“Tropical Breeze” opens with seaside effects whirling while the Synth-Pop music awakens your senses – this is all driven right into a Pop infused musical foundation fueled by Caribbean and Southwestern instrumentation.  Furthermore, the musical modulations between the verses and hook adds texture.  And, the way the bass guitar just plucks along that bottom and holds the song together like a sea floor, just vibrates the soul.  Not to mention that seductive guitar solo in the bridge at the two minutes and 33 seconds mark that is so flirtatious.  

This musical foundation is highlighted by Moss’ pleasant, passionate, soprano leads and backing vocals that climb and crawl the melodic hills and valleys that are supported by ambient soundscapes.  

Beaconing island imagery, this track is so in the NOW as its fused musical makeup broadens the scope for MoonDreams Music’s fans as it appeals to lovers of Jazz, Pop, Synth, and Latin music. 

The metaphorical lyrics recount a story of the female character seeing her lover’s touch like a tropical breeze – contagious and enchanting. 

A wonderful production.  “Tropical Breeze” is rebelliously romantic, and like a sea breeze, this song brushes up against your ears and remains until you must revisit it – NICE! 





I love Susan's music! She has her own charming style.
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I think you have described Susans music with an awesome accuracy. I love her music too and your words catches all that I would like to say <3 <3 <3

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