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Mosaics: “Vices” (Electronic Rock / San Francisco, CA)

Bands today may pitch songs that tout guitars, snares, synths, and a little bit of this and that and try to pose it as an Electronic Rock clip, but to be a true Electronic Rock cut, there must be some POWER pushing that track – vocally, musically, and lyrically, and this track right here called “Vices” from Mosaics has the POWER!

Mosaics is an Alternative Electro Indie music band from Frisco featuring Tyler Hill (producer/instrumentalist), Devon Kelts (vocalist/guitarist), and vocalist Maryam Sadeghian.  Their newest single “Vices” comes at the right time as the listening audience has so missed music that cuts and heal – true Rock kissed with electrolysis. 

“Vices’” feature an explosive hook, edgy lyrics, and a storyline that illustrates the reality of one getting caught under the spell of another’s iniquities and how it can be so good that it becomes so bad. 

The track has multiple elements that gives it that power needed:  Sadeghian’s lead equaling to a combo of Gwen Stefani mixed with Pat Benatar giving a tenacious vocal attitude kissed with a sweet girl from next door brash alto.  Then you have that definitive Electro Rock instrumentation bleeding out of Hill and Kelts’ strings, percussions, euphoric synths and muted FX.  Lastly, “Vices” mutates and progresses which adds depth and flavor.

Every element of power pumping off this track establishes “Vices” as a genuine Electronic Rock track. 

Mosaics is quickly becoming a Rock band that has no equal. 

Better check em out.  

The official video due to drop soon!



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