Klef Notes

Music Reviews

Trapdoor Social “Truth” (Pop Rock) Los Angeles, CA


The outdoor concert track of 2019!


Grace May “Quiet” (Neo Soul) USA


Captures the essence of what Neo Soul is supposed to sound like!


Janos “Zero” (Pop Soul/Funk) London/Oslo


A track that can do all the talking for you!


The Astronots “Settle Down” (Rock-N-Roll) Los Angeles/USA

Velvet & Stone “Oh Boy” (Indie Folk) Devon UK


A song that allows the female phoenix to rise!


The Great Escape “All You Got is Gold” (FOLK) Venice, California USA


"The Universe is in BLOOM with 'All You Got is Gold'"


Izzy Thomas “Trouble (Pull That Trigger)” Rock N Roll (London)


A song that has I AM WORTH IT written all over it!


Fiona Grey “Girls Like Me” (Pop) California/USA


“Girls Like Me” deserves a standing ovation!


Ashley Woodruff “Somewhere in There” (Alt. Pop) Sudbury, Ontario


A real-world song that resonates with everyone!


Jennifer Mlott “Before I Cry” (Country-Pop) Indiana/USA


Story telling done perfectly Country-Pop!


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