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Virgo Son "Set Me Free" EP


A look behind-the-scenes of a TRUE artist!


James Bakian “Voices” (Alt. R&B) UK


A track FULL of emotion!


Light Emitting Dinosaurs “Ambition” Alt. Rock (UK)


mind-altering, heart-skipping, body-swaying track! 


Captain Sib - The Dream Commander


Purposeful; meaningful!


“Skin / Veil Me Part 2” by Muriel & Blazquez (Leeds, England) Classical


Classical music done classically!


Forest Robots “Timberline and Mountain Crest”


Wastes no time in getting right into the magic!


Triple Creek “Torn Down Whole” (Rock) Ohio


Righteous Rock music!


Miranda Arieh “The End” (EDM/Alternative Pop) UK


The Avant-Garde Queen of Indie Music is back!


“Guadalupe River” Todd Barrow (Country/Rock) Texas, USA


A music thirst quencher!


Bill Magill “Last Night at the Ha-Ra” – a Rock drama


A highlighted form of music magic!


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