Klef Notes

Music Reviews

The Silver Lake Chorus “Not Not” Los Angeles, CA (USA)


Music that epitomizes strength in NUMBERS!


Tough on Fridays "Self Diagnosis" EP


Music that DEMANDS your attention!


Dean Maywood (self-titled EP)


Music that makes us see our own reflections!


Barbara Borgelin “Forbidden Love” (Indie Rock / Soft Rock) Denmark


This song has the rose and the thorns!


For ADIO “Recipe” (Pop Rock) Ireland


A crowd-pleaser for the summer and BEYOND!


ThraVine “Shine On” (Rock) Denmark


Just the song we need for our summer nights!


Samuel Jack “Feels Like Summer” (Contemporary Soul) London, England


Samuel Jack makes a complex composition seem effortless!


Leaving Lennox “Old Love” (Pop) Nashville, Tennessee USA


A song that plays like a love letter set to music!


Explicare “Kyoto Sunrise” (Dark Alternative) London


A Dark Alternative Power Ballad showcasing a romantic appetite as unique as a sunrise in the afternoon!


Micayl “MONOCHROME” (Alt. Soul) Liverpool, England


A modern track that puts you in DECOMPRESS mode!


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