Klef Notes

Music Reviews

M.I. “Euphoria” – feat. Akin (Alternative R&B) UK


A difference that demands EYES!


Liv Hudson “The 9:30 Club (Sorry)” Alternative (Maryland/USA)


A wildflower with strong passionate roots!


Loux “Cool” (Alternative Pop) UK


Get the sensation of CHILL!


Verity White “Own Me” (Heavy Metal Rock) UK


Verity’s vocal presence is visual and strong!


Zialand “Unbridled & Ablaze”


It took time to build such a masterpiece!


The Gear “TV Screens” Rock (Liverpool, England)


A Billboard-ready Rock song about reality meeting psychosis!


Etnostation “Ty swoją drogą” World Music (Poland)


This is traditional Folk music upgraded!


Becky Bowe “That’s How Love Works” R&B/Soul/Blues (UK)


A cut that overflows with that awesome mix of Soul, R&B, Blues, and some Gospel!


GJART & Deggsy “Nightbirds” (Electro Glam Synth)


“Nightbirds” was made for the night and the spotlight!


Jerry Hull "Strange Afternoons"


The Mozart of the Millennium is back! 


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