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The Söur Bruthers


These guys have that ah-mazing dichotomy of Rock!


Verity White - Breaking Out


Verity stands by the definitive form of Rock music being in charge and in control as she represents it wholeheartedly while being committed to the music.


The Million Reasons - The Runaround


The fraternity of these Rock dudes is evident in the music and the lyrics!


Ghostly Beard's “Invisible”


Experience an album that will touch the invisible portion of your life – your soul!


Lorne's "Oil and Water" (single)


A Pop song with an R&B vibe and a Jazz vocal approach makes for a great musical cocktail!


Jerry Hull's "Celebrate in the Sunshine”


Slash is not the only one in modern Rock music that looks good in a hat!


Laughing With The Raindrops ...


Jazz, the Picasso of the music genres!


Guy Paul Thibault’s "It’s About Time”


This is what legends are made of!


Craig Anscombe gives US something to believe in!


Craig Anscombe adds flair, fire, and understanding to the often-muddled life of the working man! 


Captain SIB's Compilation Review


Ground Control, you have permission to explore Captain SIB’s musical vault!


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