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Rory Gillanders - "Tomorrow Means Nothin'"


Tomorrow means nothin’, if . . . .


Gentlemen of Rock 'N' Roll - "Rock and Troll"


One of the bricks beginning to rebuild classic Rock and Roll ...


Jayna Jennings’ “Courtyards & Aviaries Part 1”


Jayna is Independent Music’s answer to Taylor Swift but better!


James Bakian's "Unstoppable" (single)


A a force to be reckoned with and one to watch!


Jack Kelly's "The Carnival"


At the top of Jack Kelly's dressing room door, it should read "quiet, Bob Dylan’s protégé at work!"


Forge the Rubicon - "My Turn" (Single)


A fresh sound coming out of Florida USA and heading straight for global footing!


The Söur Bruthers


These guys have that ah-mazing dichotomy of Rock!


Verity White - Breaking Out


Verity stands by the definitive form of Rock music being in charge and in control as she represents it wholeheartedly while being committed to the music.


The Million Reasons - The Runaround


The fraternity of these Rock dudes is evident in the music and the lyrics!


Ghostly Beard's “Invisible”


Experience an album that will touch the invisible portion of your life – your soul!


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