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Forest Robots "SuperMoon Moonlight Part One"


When does music transform from just being artistic to art? 


This Human Condition “Living for The Summertime” (Electronic Punk) Bristol UK


An unapologetic vibe!


Soulful Fox “Hypnotize" (EDM) Liverpool, UK


If anyone is an enigma today in music, it would be Soulful Fox!


IAMWARFACE “Closer” (Rock) London / Brighton


These cats are one of the best Rock musicians I have heard in a minute!


Easy Wanderings “As Written in the Stars”


A band who prides themselves in writing and producing music that touches every part of your being.


Gozer Goodspeed “Impossible to Pick Up”


Gozer Goodspeed's music is far from predictable!


“Ashley Woodruff” (self-titled EP)


It is no secret that Ashley Woodruff is a star ready to explode!


VAVO “No Friend Zone” (EDM) New York USA


Exhale and pin your ears onto “No Friend Zone” by VAVO!


Guy Paul Thibault “Day Drinking” (Country/Rock) Nova Scotia


The dust never settles with this track!


Faith & Harry “My BFFs and Me” (Pop) UK


A refreshing twist to Millennial Pop!


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