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Jambrains: “Life, Love & Lies” Sweden


In the Indie Music realm, we have Jambrains!


Juxta: “The Beautiful Ones” (Tobi Remix) UK


This monstrous adaptation was surgically executed!


Kittenhead: “Tinman” Los Angeles, California


It is easy to make a Rock song today, but it is NOT easy to make a Rock song that easily becomes a cult classic!


Sunshine Nights: “Soldier Notorious” Brooklyn, New York


Folk music is alive in Brooklyn!


Jerry Hull: “Heart of Gold” UK


Say “I love you” without having to say “I Love You.”


Jack Endelouz’: “Ain’t Gonna Change My Mind” – Chattanooga, Tennessee


That blasé, carefree, talent that said "so long" in 1990!


Gabriel Fernandez: Algo Hay (There's Something)


Fernandez’ vocals touch a part of the global musical heart that has not been touched in years!


Ghostly Beard: “The Love in Your Eyes” (Quebec Canada)


Flipping the script and allowing hope to shine through the most torn chapters of one’s life!


Daniel Fogel: “Stick Your Nose In” (Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel)


A well-crafted off the cuff, raw, and realistic song! 


Devio & Brivido: "Niente di Particolare” (Nothing in Particular) – UK/Italy


If every music note were a different color, then this track is full bloom rainbow! 


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