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Oh Tambo: “Loophole” Stockholm Sweden (Soulful Rock)

When a song starts mellow with sad guitars and an honest vocal, then suddenly is set on fire with full blown musical energy, you know you are in for a treat!  Oh Tambo makes it rain on their recent track “Loophole” and the video illustrating the message is equally intriguing. 

“Loophole” features blazing larger than life guitars in unison, deep riffs, tender melodic pre-choruses kissed by a piano, and an aggressive hook that drives home the intensity of the lyrical message which speaks about going to war in the name of religion and how this is the most hypocritical tool used by the governments of the globe.  

In addition, the MTV worthy video was masterfully produced with black and white footage of the band performing in a studio setting along with a motion picture color technique that makes the images of social injustice due to war have a vintage film look.  This visual approach adds the right emotional touch revealing the dismal side effects of war that will NEVER equal peace. 

The closing lyrics sing “tell me you what’s true, true, true” as the video fades with the front man solemnly lowering his hands and raising his head – you can see the concern on his face and the frenetic breathes in his chest.  Henrik Perälä did a great job displaying the harsh reality of war’s hysteria in his filming, editing, and directing “Loophole.” 

Nothing is suppressed with Oh Tambo. 

“Loophole” is an anthem-worthy track that doubly keeps you standing on your feet with its amplified instrumental emotion backed by the band’s vocals while making you stand up for peace with its relevant message.  

Follow Oh Tambo on twitter for up to the minute information and check out their commercial track called “Journeyman” that touts a controlling piano and glossy strings. 


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