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Zialand: “Shelter” Oslo, Norway (Cinematic Soul Pop)

When someone speaks about coming in from the storm, they look for a place of tranquility as their place of refuge.  And in music, there is no better way to escape life’s pressures than to turn on some soul-satisfying Gospel, a mellow Soul track, or some smooth Jazz.  Well, Zialand  offers all of this on “Shelter.” 

Arriving on the heels of two previous releases, “Shelter” is a well-blended triple-genre song with elements of Soul, Jazz, and Gospel.  The storyline of Zialand’s recent track is about how real deep-love can be the shelter to heal the most broken. 

Featuring only vocals, brass, a Hammond organ, a bass drum, and low-riding accompanying instrumentation, Zialand proves that less is more on this smoky intriguing track. 

The classic arrangement of “Shelter” eliminates the popular bells and whistles of many commercial songs thus making it a welcoming difference; but, Zialand’s voice sends the track over the top and reveals a hit. 

Zialand’s vocal prowess is superb and on point.  The range of her lead, scales, rests, octaves, and harmonies all dig into you with such strength; yet, the tune is easy-listening with a rich attitude.  She softly rides the track humbly trilling and displaying a range of lows and unbreaking highs that is a pleasant mix of Anita Baker and Lisa Stansfield.  

“Shelter” from Zialand has that lounge singer appeal and is sure to be one of your favorite go-to tracks to just quiet the storm of life. 

Zialand’s record “Unbridled & Ablaze” releases June 8th and it will establish her as a respected artist – make sure to come back to Klef Notes for my full review of Zialand on that date.


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